Traffic Light Controller Teacher's Assembled Demo

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Product Overview

This kit simulates the sequence of the traffic lights at an intersection. It consists of two PCBs. The main controller board and the LED holder PCB. It produces the correct light sequences but in a faster way so that the students do not have to wait very long between changes. The second PCB that houses the lights (LEDs) can be packed into something that resembles the real traffic light assembly and if the students use a set of seven wires, they can mount it remotely to more realistically simulate the real traffic lights.

After the students master the project as presented they can develop any kind of application that uses LEDs. Due to the shape of the LED PCB many ?fun" applications can be developed like interesting and fun light sequences like simulating disco lights. Supply voltage is 4.5 ? 6V.

The programming environment for developing new programs or editing old ones is the ?GENIE Design Studio". The software is revolutionary in its nature. Develop simple or complicated programs without having to write a single line of code. It is all visually done with the aid of flowcharts. The software is provided for free and you can download it at

Requires a USB Cable. You will need to purchase at least one USB programming cable, #780080, (we recommend multiple cables) for your students to be able to download the code they develop to the Genie controllers. Assembled Demo.