Three Zone Alarm Teacher's Assembled Demo

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Product Overview

This kit simulates a three zone alarm system. It has connections for three sensors. These sensors can be lever switches, magnetic switches, motion detectors or any other type of alarm sensors that provides an open and close contact (most common type of alarm sensors).

The PCB also provides three switches that enable or disable each zone, three LEDs that indicate the status of each zone and a buzzer that buzzes if any of the zones is open (active).

After the students master the project as presented they can develop any kind of application that uses externally located switches (with on-board enable and disable functionality) three LEDs and a buzzer. Supply voltage is 4.5 ? 6V.

The programming environment for developing new programs or editing old ones is the ?GENIE Design Studio". The software is revolutionary in its nature. Develop simple or complicated programs without having to write a single line of code. It is all visually done with the aid of flowcharts. The software is provided for free and you can download it at

Requires a USB Cable. You will need to purchase at least one USB programming cable, #780080, (we recommend multiple cables) for your students to be able to download the code they develop to the Genie controllers. Assembled Demo.