Technology, Invention, and Creativity in the Classroom

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The Road to Relevancy

By Harry T. Roman. For use with middle and high school, this book provides basic information about technology and invention, providing exciting and creative fun activities for the classroom that are highly relevant to the future world of work.

Written by an award winning inventor and engineer who spent over three decades working directly with New Jersey teachers and students, this book is loaded with real-world information and techniques for integrating the curricula. Designed to stimulate creative thinking and integrated problem solving, the book contains 15 chapters; and numerous design challenges and open-ended problem situations for today's students. A test book helps determine how well students have captured the basic information contained in the book.

This text is a superb way to bring heads and hands into action in your classroom. Challenge your class with its team based design and investigative activities. Empower your students to learn about patents and how inventors work. Help them learn the multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary world of technology and invention. Who knows, you just may have another Edison in your class!

Workbook with answers also available.