Technology Education: Themes, Issues and Classroom Activities

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Take a tour of the many issues and themes of technology education today. This book surfaces a variety of valuable tech ed topics for you and your students to discuss; and presents a wealth of practical activities for your classroom. Empower your students to see how technology affects so much of our world, and why the business world likes technology education.

Table of Contents:

  1. Technology…..The Stuff That Dreams Are Made From
  2. Serendipity—A Welcome Visitor
  3. Soap, Suds and Technology Education
  4. Technology and Clothes
  5. Technology and Music
  6. Technology and The Law
  7. Blame It On The Engineers
  8. Dick and Jane and Technology Education
  9. Multi-dimensional Thinking—The Key to The Future
  10. Stimulating Classroom Technology Projects
  11. Why The Business World Likes Technology Education
  12. School to Business Relevancy—Working With Young Children
  13. Firefighting and Fire Safety

Experience the world of creativity, invention, technology education and engineering through the eyes of a nationally recognized engineer, inventor, and technology educator. Harry T. Roman’s books will help you bring the excitement of these topics to your classroom. His easy-to-read books are loaded with real-world experiences, classroom exercises, and design challenges; and have been time-tested through many in-service seminars he has given to teachers in grades 6-12. Harry helped implement the technology education movement in New Jersey. His work is read by thousands of technology educators across the nation.