• KELVIN® E-Road Complete Package

    KELVIN® E-Road Complete Package

    This complete package includes: [3] E-Road™ Tracks (extend track to 24 ft.) Track Connection Kit 2-Lane Kel-Timer™ Motion Timer Power Supply [10] E-Road™ Car Kits NOTE: Allow $125 for shipping by truck.

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  • KELVIN® E-Road Electric Road

    KELVIN® E-Road Electric Road

    Design and build an electric dragster that runs on the E-Road. Students can test to see which dragster is the fastest to the finish line. Put 2 or 3 tracks together to extend the track length to 16 or 24 ft. Metal springs provide electricity from the...

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  • KELVIN® Variable Power Supply

    KELVIN® Variable Power Supply

    0-16V, 1.5A Variable, regulated power supply with low ripple and short circuit protection. Ideal for electronic projects or for use with KELVIN's Power Pole, Maglev Racer, Community Power Station, etc. #100.

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  • KELVIN® E-Road Dragster Bulk Pack

    KELVIN® E-Road Dragster Bulk Pack

    Bulk Pack of 25 Kits As Low As $3.96 Per Kit Each kit includes: Motor Metal Springs Wheels Axles Wood Blank Propeller Basic Instructions Works with E-Road system (see below).

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