Industrial Automation
  • Hydraulic Components Only

    This kit contains only the components. Students are required to plan and design their own Hydraulic system. HydraBasics Trainer available below.

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  • KELVIN® HydraBasics™ Trainer

    KELVIN® HydraBasics™ Trainer

    This trainer is a unique way to teach hydraulics to students in high school and up. This compact, heavy-duty trainer includes resources that emphasize problem-solving and a hands-on approach to learning in technology education. Hydraulic products like...

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  • KELVIN® If...Then Trainer™

    KELVIN® If...Then Trainer™

    Sense and Control - Programmable Logic Controller Use the KELVIN® If...Then PLC Controller to learn more about the elements of condition programming. Also, use it to control a model of your design such as a greenhouse, light show, house alarm, doll...

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  • KELVIN® Kre8® Conveyor Belt

    KELVIN® Kre8® Conveyor Belt

    This activity will expose students to a number of scientific principles including types of motion, speed ratios, gravity and compound gears. Students will be challenged to get the most ping -pong balls into a box in one minute, make a ball hopper,...

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  • KELVIN® PneumaBasics™ Trainer

    KELVIN® PneumaBasics™ Trainer

    NEWLY UPDATED!This portable, industrial-grade trainer is an exciting way to teach students about pneumatics with resources that support problem-solving learning. The student workbook contains a series of hands-on activities based on situations occurring...

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  • Pneumatic Components Only

    This kit contains only the pneumatic components. Students are required to plan and design their own Hydraulic system. PneumaBasics Trainer available.

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  • Portable Air Compressor

    Portable Air Compressor

    The compressor has two gauges: one gauge measures the air put in while the other measures the air that goes out. Features a built-in 4 gallon air tank. Actual brand may vary. 

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  • Portable Air Tank

    Portable Air Tank

    A portable air source for your projects. Holds 7 gallons of air. Actual style and brand may vary.

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