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Kre8® Robotics 

cat-283767.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Hydraulic Robotic Arm

This PICK and PLACE Hydraulic Robotic Arm has three syringes to open the gripper, move the arm up and down, swing the arm, and release the load.

cat-283650.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Conveyor Belt

This activity will expose students to a number of scientific principles including types of motion, speed ratios, gravity and compound gears. Make a ball hopper, create a production line and control direction and speed.

cat-283672.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® POP Robots

Make the basic frame that is common to all the POP robots. Then they decide which top they want or design their own. Choose from a soccer player, dancer, jouster, dinosaur, a car or more. POP robots can move forwards, backwords, left and right with assembled manual remote controller (included).

cat-283712.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Sumo Wrestler

No PC is Required! Each kit comes with two different sumo wrestler tops so you can arrange a sumo fight with a friend.

cat-842400.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Autonomous Car

Build a basic robotic car and expand it with autonomous control by adding on the Genie® PCB418 Control Board to control [2] DC motors moving forwards and backwards. Programming the autonomous car requires USB Download cable (one per class needed) and AA batteries.
KitBulk Pack • Assembled • Basic Car: Kit, Bulk Pack

cat-283658.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Mars Rover

Steers with remote controller right, left, forward, and backward. This project gets students thinking about remotely exploring distant planets. How can we communicate with a robot so far away and have it complete tasks?
KitBulk Pack

cat-283771.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Curiosity Rover

Like the real vehicle on Mars the front excavator and vision arms can be moved. Powered by two motors and controlled by pre-assembled controller via a ribbon cable.
KitBulk Pack

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