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Kre8® Vehicles 

cat-842400.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Autonomous Car

Build a basic robotic car and expand it with autonomous control by adding on the Genie® PCB418 Control Board to control [2] DC motors moving forwards and backwards. Programming the autonomous car requires USB Download cable (one per class needed) and AA batteries.
KitBulk Pack • Assembled • Basic Car: Kit, Bulk Pack

cat-283658.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Mars Rover

Steers with remote controller right, left, forward, and backward. This project gets students thinking about remotely exploring distant planets. How can we communicate with a robot so far away and have it complete tasks?
KitBulk Pack

cat-283771.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Curiosity Rover

Like the real vehicle on Mars the front excavator and vision arms can be moved. Powered by two motors and controlled by pre-assembled controller via a ribbon cable.
KitBulk Pack

cat-283657.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Air-Propelled Racing Car

Build and race this exciting air car – moves well on flat surfaces! Students decorate the body of the racer. Learn about potential energy, stored energy and kinetic energy along with gravity, friction and rotary motion. Requires Kre8® Tube Cutter (lower left) or snips as well as [2] ‘AA’ batteries.
KitBulk Pack

cat-283662.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Electric Racer

Quick and easy to make. See how fast you can make it go. Learn how to connect up and use a basic electric circuit and use a mechanical drive to reduce the speed of the electric motor which turns fast.
KitBulk Pack

cat-283691.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Solar Racer

Quickly assemble your solar car, no glue, no nails-just fun! Connect an electric motor to the solar panel and convert the sun's energy into electricity for power. The solar panel is adjustable so it can face the sun directly.
KitBulk Pack

cat-283710.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Monster Truck

Steer this 8.66 in. (22cm) long customizable monster truck model over objects on the table such as your eraser, pens, a roll of tape, etc. Connect up to the 3V hand controller provided to move it forward, backward, and turn.

cat-283665.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Forklift

A working simplified fork lift truck that is fun on its own but is also good for competitions. Control its motion using the Kre8 manual controller (supplied) - Move forward to collect and lift your load and return and drop your load as fast as possible.

cat-283666.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Mobile Tower Crane

Remotely move your load up and down and rotate the top arm using the manual controller. The manual controller operates the two motors independently. One motor lifts the load and the second swings the boom around. Lower the load before releasing it.

cat-842107.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Sea Explorer

Design, build and test a submersible vessel. Kit includes three motors to allow for vertical and horizontal control of the vessel. Also included are plastic ballast tubes, control switches, Kre8® parts, propellers, and instructions.

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