TechCard Power-It Kit

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Product Overview

This kit explores more sophisticated mechanisms such as gears and pulleys and introduces power from electric motors and pneumatics. The kit also includes photocopiable work sheets, teachers notes and enough TechCard and mechanical components to construct twenty models - two each of ten different designs.

The Power-It Kit models include a two speed mixer, a wind up toy, a hoist, an electric racing car, a propeller powered car, a vehicle with rack and pinion steering a variable speed gear box and a pneumatic tipper truck, a fork lift and crawling caterpillar.

The basis of the TechCard system is a set of pre-cut, scored and punched card components that are simply folded and glued to form an infinitely variable range of girders, beams and bases. The overall dimensions and grid of pre-punched holes make accurate model building remarkably easy, making TechCard an ideal system for developing model making skills, 'design and make' and prototyping.

The TechCard structural components are made from 100% recycled material making it a uniquely affordable and environmentally responsible building system. TechCard components are easily customized by cutting and scoring with scissors or a craft knife and glued together with ordinary PVA glue which is safe and quick to use. The TechCard structural elements are complemented by a complete range of mechanical components including wheels, axles, pulleys and gears as well as pneumatic systems, propellers and much more.