SoFast® Playground for Arduino

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Create circuits in seconds using SoFast® Playground for Arduino; designed for use with a plugged in 'Arduino Nano Every'. The Gator-Clips make connecting circuits quick and easy.

Activities can also include the Kre8® Making System, compatible toy brick kit parts and standard electronic components. Program with popular FREE 'Arduino Create' or the offline Arduino IDE software. The SoFast® Playground for Arduino also includes dedicated connectors for plugging in: traffic lights, servo motors (up to 3), ultrasonic sensor, and addressable pixel LEDs.

Complete kit includes: Arduino Nano Every Assembled, SoFast® Playground for Arduino board, [8] compatible toy bricks and tiles, battery holder and connector (6 V), [12] Gator-Clips, wire, and a tube. For DC Motor Control, you will need the Add-On Robot Car Pack.