Environmental Science
  • Stream Table Class Pack

    Stream Table Class Pack

    Basic and smaller version of the Hydro-Geology Stream Table, this kit includes a plastic tray, drain trough, tray support and siphon tube. This economical stream table will give your student the chance to create their own landforms and follow the changes...

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  • Investigation Groundwater Pollution

    Investigation Groundwater Pollution

    Construct mini-ground water simulation models showing the movement of a simulated, colored pollutant. Determine under what conditions contamination occurs from a variety of sources such as spills, farms, and buried tanks and how polluted groundwater...

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  • Ecology: Exploring Water, Soil & Air Lab

    Ecology: Exploring Water, Soil & Air Lab

    Ecology is the study of our natural environments and the interdependency of each of its parts. Air, water, soil, plants, animals and living organisms combine to create the ecosystem we live in. The KELVIN® Ecology Lab provides information and...

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  • KELVIN® Oil Spill Cleanup Activity Lab

    KELVIN® Oil Spill Cleanup Activity Lab

    The tragic events taking place in the Gulf of Mexico the last few months will have both environmental and economic impacts that will last for years. Introduce your students to the technologies and terminology that have become part of the media coverage...

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