• Fuel Cell Car

    Fuel Cell Car

    The Fuel Cell 10 Car & Experiment Kit provides a hands-on introduction to one of the most significant technologies of the early 21st century. With this kit, you can build a model car that actually runs on water! First, use solar energy to separate...

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  • Fundamentals of Electronics

    Fundamentals of Electronics

    Introduce students to the basics of electronics. Kit includes solderless electronics breadboard, switch, connection wires, transistors NPN and PNP, red and green light emitting diodes (LED), capacitors, diode and photoresistor, resistors, buzzer, 9 volt...

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  • KELVIN® Advanced Motor Kit

    KELVIN® Advanced Motor Kit

    A simple electric motor that helps students learn, by making, all the important points about the function of an electric motor. Includes easy to follow plans. Requires [3] 'AA' batteries (#220016).

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  • KELVIN® Bell Kit

    KELVIN® Bell Kit

    Building a bell project in the class is educational and fun. Kit includes parts and instructions. Requires [3] AA batteries and assembly.

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  • KELVIN® Discover It™ Lighthouse Project Class Pack

    KELVIN® Discover It™ Lighthouse Project Class Pack

    As Low As $4.99 Per Student Explore the historical significance, design and function of landmark lighthouses! Students design their own lighthouse, model an existing lighthouse or use KELVIN® design to produce a working model. Grades 2 and Up...

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