PCB208 PCB Assembled Demo

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Product Overview

The two inputs can be used as digital inputs and control any of the outputs. One of the inputs can be used as an analog input. They can be used to measure an analog signal and control an output. The two outputs are not the same in their current handling capabilities. One is directly connected to the microcontroller and it can drive a load by sourcing or sinking a current up to 20mA. The other output can be used as a transistor that can sink up to 200mA of current and there is a diode for transient suppression. Teacher/Student Hand Assembled Demo.

The programming environment for developing new programs or editing old ones is the ?GENIE Design Studio". The software is revolutionary in its nature. Develop simple or complicated programs without having to write a single line of code. It is all visually done with the aid of flowcharts. The software is provided for free and you can download it at www.genieonline.com.

Requires a USB Cable. You will need to purchase at least one USB programming cable, #780080 (we recommend multiple cables) for your students to be able to download the code they develop to the Genie controllers. Kit.