KELVIN® Magnetic Levitation: Module 2

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Product Overview

This advanced module challenges students to design, model and test a self-propelled maglev vehicle selecting from a variety of propulsion subsystems. Students will have the opportunity to optimize their design by conducting a series of timed tests

Learning Activities include:

  • Design, Model and Test a Self-Propelled Maglev Vehicle

Materials and Equipment (Enough for 100 Students Working in Teams of 2) include:

  • 2 Maglev Tracks, 8 ft. aluminum railings
  • KELVIN® StyroDesigner
  • Kel-Timer
  • Power Supply
  • DC Motors
  • 3" Propellers
  • Nose Hook Propellers
  • Balloons
  • Maglev Magnets
  • Polystyrene Sheets
  • DesignGrid Paper

Level: MS, HS