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  • Designing Circuits—Livewire's simple, direct user interface helps you to build circuits quickly and easily. Just grab the components you need and connect them together using Livewire's intelligent wiring tool. Make any final adjustments to your circuit by moving components – Livewire will preserve all connections and re-route as necessary – and then press the 'play' button to begin simulation. Livewire is tightly integrated with PCB Wizard 3. This means that when you have drawn and simulated a circuit, you can transfer it to PCB Wizard 3 with the click of a button. PCB Wizard 3 will then automatically place all components and route the circuit.
  • Simulation—Powered by a highly accurate physics engine, Livewire is able to model precisely the characteristics of a circuit. It can simulate big and complex circuits, and in tests, is up to 15 times faster than the performance of rival educational software.
  • Component Library—Livewire boasts over 1,500 simulated components, ranging from simple resistors through to sophisticated ICs. For each one there is a choice of either an ideal model for teaching basic concepts or a real-world model (similar to those found in data books) for designing circuits and teaching troubleshooting.
  • Virtual Instruments—Livewire provides you with seven virtual instruments for analyzing your circuits. They include an oscilloscope (records voltage over time), a multimeter (measures AC and DC current, voltage and resistance), a logic analyzer (produces a graph of logic levels), a wattmeter (measures power readings), a signal generator (produces waveform signals) and a word generator (drives a circuit by generating streams of 16-bit words).
  • Style views—Styles are a powerful feature of Livewire that allow you to alter the way a circuit looks when it is simulating. There are several preset styles to choose from and you can also create your own.
  • Real-world Troubleshooting—As well as simulating working circuits, Livewire can be made to simulate real-world faults to help students learn about troubleshooting techniques. For example, you can add a short circuit or leakage to a transistor, password-protect it and then ask students to diagnose, isolate and repair the fault. Real-world troubleshooting not only helps students gain valuable experience in solving circuit problems, but it also teaches them more about how particular components function.
  • Conversion to PCB layout—Once drawn and simulated, your circuit diagram can then be transferred to PCB Wizard 3 and converted into a printed circuit board (PCB) layout. The link itself is completely seamless – no more lost files – you can now simply draw and simulate a circuit diagram before selecting the convert option in Livewire. Your circuit will then be transferred and converted automatically into PCB Wizard. Being so tightly integrated, Livewire is also able to provide access to many of PCB Wizard's own automatic tools. For the first time you can generate circular boards or specify a board size. In addition, you can reduce your manufacturing costs through an automatic copper tool which adds areas of solid copper to all of the unused parts of your circuit board.
  • Report Generation—As with PCB Wizard 3, a Bill of Materials spreadsheet can be produced containing properties assigned to the components in your design. Livewire lets you define the exact format of the report and it is possible to total up numeric properties for costings, and so forth.
  • Electronic Books—With Livewire, you can generate classroom worksheets and course notes that are instantly accessible to your students. Electronic books, as they are known, are easily created by adding text, pictures and graphs to circuit designs before linking them together using hyperlinks.

Livewire, Educational, 5-User Network Extension

Price: $195.00
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Livewire is a sophisticated software package for designing and simulating electronic circuits. Switches, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits and hundreds of other components can all be connected together to investigate the behaviour of a circuit. There are no limits to what can be designed and no loose connections or faulty components to worry about. However, if the maximum ratings for any components are exceeded, they will explode on screen!

All versions (Hobbyist, Professional and Educational) have these standard features:

  • Circuit Diagram: Circuit diagram design, 500 Component library, ANSI and DIN symbols, Schematic capture Automatic wiring, Nets and virtual connections Interactive component and pin hints, Link to Livewire for simulation
  • General: Multi-level zoom (25%-1000%), Multiple undo and redo Copy and paste to other software, Multiple document support, Automatic save, Integrated text and drawing tools

The EDUCATIONAL version has these additional features:

  • 1,000 extra components to choose from (1,500 total).
  • More virtual instruments including logic analyzer, function generator and word generator.
  • Component fault simulation for teaching students about fault-finding.
  • Educational support material and courseware authoring tools.
  • Network support (the Standard and Pro editions will not run on networks).
  • Multi-user versions offering discounted prices.

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