• Big Gear Wheel

    Big Gear Wheel

    Mount KELVIN® Big Wheels to KELVIN® gears using the center holes. Motorize the gears for all kinds of activities. 3 in. dia. Blue and yellow (actual colors may vary). 4/pkg.

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  • KELVIN® Mousetrap Wheel

    KELVIN® Mousetrap Wheel

    For your Mousetrap dragster. 4-3/4 in. diameter wheel (same size as a CD disc) fits 1/4 in. dia. axle. Comes with a 1/8 in. insert. 10/pkg. Color may vary.  

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  • TechCard Wheels & Axles Resource Pack

    TechCard Wheels & Axles Resource Pack

    Includes [90] 300mm axles (5mm dia.) and [60] each of 60mm, 50mm, and 40mm cardboard wheels. TechCard and selected mechanical components are available in separate resource packs. These are especially useful for teachers taking a -design and make"...

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  • Hub Wheel

    Hub Wheel

    39 mm polythene wheel has a 3mm hole. For use as a center hub for the rubber tire (391138). Color varies.

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  • Plastic Wheel with Holes

    Plastic Wheel with Holes

    1-9/16 in. dia. x 5/8 in. thick wheel. Make 3-wheeled vehicles! Use a wheel by itself in front and pushing the axle through. Fits 1/8 in. axle. Black, 100/pkg.

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  • Caterpillar Track

    Caterpillar Track

    Use the Gears to Count Movement with Sensors! Evenly spaced holes near the edge, which can be used with a slotted optocoupler to measure velocity, acceleration or distance of the gear or vehicle. Holes can also be used to attach the gear to a wheel,...

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