• Tire/Rim, Wide

    Tire/Rim, Wide

    1-5/8 in. dia. x 3/4 in. wide wheel fits 3/16 in. hole. Includes white rim. 10/pkg.

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  • KELVIN® Project Wheels Kit

    KELVIN® Project Wheels Kit

    Ideal for KELVIN® Solar Racers™ and other projects.This kit includes [2] front wheels with a rim (you can add a rubber O-ring tire on the rim but it is not included and not required). In addition, [2] back wheels with a rim and a built-in gear with a...

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  • High Speed Wheels

    High Speed Wheels

    Get going! High speed wheels measure 1-1/8 in. dia. with a 3/8 in. wide tread. Fits a 3/32 in. dia. axle. Includes [4] 1 in. long plastic axles that can be used with foam vehicles. 4/pkg.

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  • Low-Friction Ballbearing Wheel

    Low-Friction Ballbearing Wheel

    Low friction, ballbearing wheels are the perfect wheel for the KELVIN® Eggsellent Adventure Unit or other mobile projects. 1-7/8 in. diameter.

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  • KELVIN® Super Lightweight Wheels

    KELVIN® Super Lightweight Wheels

    Lightweight and versatile, perfect for vehicles where reduced weight and friction are important like a solar car. The 2-1/2 in. dia. wheels weigh in at 2.9 grams without the adapters.Wheels fit a 3mm axle or use the adapters to fit a 2mm or 1/8 in. dia...

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  • 6-Spoke Polythene Wheels

    6-Spoke Polythene Wheels

    Polythene wheels provide an aditional style that can be used where weight reduction is important or a more traditional retro-engineered look is needed. (They also look great as flywheels). The wheels are 75mm (2.95 in.) in dia., 5.5mm (0.21 in.) in...

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  • KELVIN® Big Wheel

    KELVIN® Big Wheel

    Mount KELVIN® Big Wheels to KELVIN® gears using the center holes. Motorize the gears for all kinds of activities. 3 in. dia. Blue and yellow (actual colors may vary). 4/pkg.

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  • KELVIN® Big Project Rear Wheel

    KELVIN® Big Project Rear Wheel

    For your Mousetrap dragster. 4-3/4 in. dia. wheel (same size as a CD disc) fits 1/4 in. dia. axle. Comes with a 1/8 in. insert. 10/pkg. Color may vary.

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  • KELVIN® CD to Wheel Adapter

    KELVIN® CD to Wheel Adapter

    Cleverly converts your unwanted CDs into a fun wheel. Designed to fit 1/4 in. dowel rod. Can be used with KELVIN® 1/4 in. to 1/8 in. Wheel Adapter (990317). 20/pkg.

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