front-wheels-racing-style-thin.jpg Front Dragster Wheels
rear-wheels-racing-style.jpg Rear Dragster Wheels
rubber-tire-wheel-white-rim.jpg Rubber Dragster Tires with Rims
basicwheel.jpg Basic Wheels
projet-wheels.jpg Project Wheels
cat-391362.jpg KELVIN® Kre8® Wheels
cardboardwheel.jpg Cardboard Wheels

1-1/2 in. dia., 2-1/2 in. dia.

wood-wheel-web.jpg Wood Wheels

3/4 in. dia., 1 in. dia., 1-1/2 in. dia., 2 in dia., 2-3/4 in. dia., 3-3/4 in. dia

super-lightweight-wheel.jpg Super Lightweight Wheels

Set of Two: 2-1/2 in. dia.

hi-speed-wheel.jpg High Speed Wheels
specialtywheel.jpg Specialty Wheels


Ball-Bearing Wheels

1-7/8 in. dia.

plane-wheels.jpg Plane Wheels
big-project-wheel.jpg CD-Size Wheels
gear-wheel-web.jpg Gear Wheels
gearboxwheel.jpg Advanced Wheel Kits
straws.jpg Axles & Bushings
  • TechCard Wheels & Axles Resource Pack

    TechCard Wheels & Axles Resource Pack

    Includes [90] 300mm axles (5mm dia.) and [60] each of 60mm, 50mm, and 40mm cardboard wheels. TechCard and selected mechanical components are available in separate resource packs. These are especially useful for teachers taking a -design and make"...

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  • Rear Gear Wheel

    Rear Gear Wheel

    Use this 36-tooth gear wheel in tandem with small motor gears. 1-3/4" dia. wheel is 1/2" thick and push-fits a 1/8" diameter axle. Black, 100/pkg.

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  • Front Wheel

    Front Wheel

    For use with the KELVIN® Gear Wheel (#990173 - see below) as a front wheel. Can also be used on its own for other purposes. 1-3/16" diameter wheel is 3/8" thick and push-fits a 1/8" axle. 100/pkg.

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  • Gearbox & Wheel Kit

    Gearbox & Wheel Kit

    Special attachment to fit rectangle end and screw to attach wheel to motor. Includes: aluminum bracket, screws, gearbox, [2] half wheels, tube, screweye, snap rod, acrylic hub and rubber band.

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