• Investigating Magnetism Kit

    Investigating Magnetism Kit

    How can objects be magnetized? By creating an electromagnet and conducting ten other activities, students learn the principles and the fun of magnetism and magnetic fields. These activities are attention grabbers at any grade level! The Teacher's Guide...

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  • Magnet Strip, North/South Polarity Set

    Magnet Strip, North/South Polarity Set

    High power, self-adhesive magnet strips for maglevs. Includes two strips total - 1 North Polarity magnet strip and 1 South Polarity magnet strip. 3/4 in. wide x 1/8 in. thick x 10 ft. long. 

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  • Magnets in Motion Kit

    Magnets in Motion Kit

    Create currents and discover gravity while exploring the theory of Lentz's Law. Incudes 12" tube in copper, aluminum and acrylic, 2 neodymium magnets, ceramic magnets, steel slug, paper clips, steel shapes, iron fillings, five unpainted ring magnets,...

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  • Magnet Levitation Set

    Magnet Levitation Set

    Learn about equilibrium and magnetic fields while building a gravity-defying train. Kit includes: disc, ring, latch and neodymium magnets, standard and hi-force magnetic strips, plastic guide rails, compass, iron filings, wood blocks, nails and...

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  • Magnetic Field Demonstrator

    Magnetic Field Demonstrator

    A quick and a clean way to visualize magnetic fields. Comes with a large clear acrylic case that holds filings in fluid for proper viscosity. Can be used with an overhead projector.

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  • Magnets Bulk Pack

    Magnets Bulk Pack

    Magnets include: [25] Maglev Magnets [10] Square Magnets [5] Rectangular Magnets [2] Bar Magnets [10] Disc Magnets, 1/2 in. dia. [5] Disc Magnets, 3/4 in. dia. [5] Ring Magnets

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