Axles & Straws
  • Artstraws®


    Artstraws® are approximately 16 in. long paper tubes used for engineering and construction, as well as arts and crafts projects. Artstraws® can easily be combined with glue, or simply pinching and threading it into another Artstraw. No...

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  • Axle Pack

    Includes a 12 in. 8:32 threaded rod,[4] #10 flat washers, and [4] 8:32 nylon lock nuts. 

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  • Delrin Rod, 24 in. L

    Delrin Rod, 24 in. L

    Lightweight, self-lubricating Delrin rod is ideal as axles for faster dragsters. Cut to the size you require. 1/8 in. dia. x 24 in. long.

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  • Dura-Collar, 1/8 in. ID

    Dura-Collar, 1/8 in. ID

    These collars are used to hold wheels onto axles and allow them to spin freely. Can be used for airplanes or model vehicles. 4/pkg.  WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to...

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  • High Speed Axles

    High Speed Axles

    These axles are not nails; they are precision-machined. Axles can be used with High Speed Wheels (#990211). 0.0870" OD, 0.2" diameter head, 1" long. Zinc-coated steel. 100/pkg.

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  • Metal Rod, 36 in. L

    Metal Rod, 36 in. L

    Use soft iron rod for welding, axles, structures and student designs. Cut to size required. 1/8 in. diameter x 36 in. long. 80/pkg.

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  • Pipe Cleaners

    Pipe Cleaners

    Ideal for twisting and shaping into figures, etc. 12 in. Long. - Assorted Colors. 100/pkg.

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