• Cams Set Bulk Pack

    Cams Set Bulk Pack

    This economical bulk pack includes: 20 eccentric, 20 regular and 40 pear-shaped cams. 3mm Hole. 80/pkg.

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  • Mounting Bracket for Motors & Gears

    Mounting Bracket for Motors & Gears

    Specially designed to be used with the KELVIN® Super Economy Gear Set (990179 and 990174) and 3 - 6 V DC motor (851940). Can work with other gears and motors. 5-7/8 x 2-3/8 in. 5/pkg.

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  • Crank Handle

    Crank Handle

    Turn pulleys, gears, etc. Crank handle fits 3/16 in. diameter shaft. 30/pkg.

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  • Sprocket Chain

    Sprocket Chain

    Use as gear or driver. Fits 10-40 teeth gears. 5 links per inch. 1/4 x 36 in. long. Does not include gears shown.

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  • KELVIN® Inertia Welder

    KELVIN® Inertia Welder

    Make your own gear combination for all your design needs. Includes a special KELVIN® jig, class pack of gears to start welding and a PowerPoint presentation that explains how it works. Requires drill stand or drill press and teacher supervision.

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