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lrpp-gears.jpg Gear & Pulley Combo ** Beveled Gears ** 4mm to 3mm Hole Reducer Worm Gear, Black Worm Gear, White** Worm Gear Gear Racks ** Lock Nut, Nylon Binding Head Machine Screw, 4:40 x 1/2 in. Flat Head Sheet Metal Screw, 4 x 1/4 in. Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw, 6x 3/8 in. KELVIN® Gear & Motor Mounting Bracket Deluxe Gear Set ** Slotted Opticoupler Advanced Gear Set Super Economy Gears Set, Black ** Super Economy Gears Set, GREEN

  • KELVIN® Inertia Welder

    KELVIN® Inertia Welder

    Make your own gear combination for all your design needs. Includes a special KELVIN® jig, class pack of gears to start welding and a PowerPoint presentation that explains how it works. Requires drill stand or...

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  • TechCard Power-It Kit

    TechCard Power-It Kit

    This kit explores more sophisticated mechanisms such as gears and pulleys and introduces power from electric motors and pneumatics. The kit also includes photocopiable work sheets, teachers notes and enough TechCard and mechanical components to construct...

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  • TechCard Build-It Kit

    TechCard Build-It Kit

    This kit explores simple structures and mechanisms such as wheels axles, hinges, cranks, cams and linkages. The kit comes complete with photocopiable work sheets, teachers notes and enough TechCard and mechanical components to construct twenty models -...

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  • Deluxe Gear Set **

    Deluxe Gear Set **

    Deluxe assortment of gears for power transmission. Small gear and worm gears fit a toy motor. Works with other gearsmarked **. The Deluxe Gear Set Includes: [4] 10-Tooth Gears [4] 20-Tooth Gears [4] 30-Tooth Gears [4] 40-Tooth Gears [4] 50-Tooth...

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  • Cams


    This economical set includes: 20 eccentric, 20 regular and 40 pear-shaped cams. 3mm Hole. 80/pkg.

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  • Crank Handle

    Crank Handle

    Turn pulleys, gears, etc. Crank handle fits 3/16" diameter shaft. 30/pkg.

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  • KELVIN® Worm Gear Pack of 10

    KELVIN® Worm Gear Pack of 10

    This versatile worm gear can be used for a variety of projects. It features two hole sizes. One side fits a 2mm motor shaft. The other side fits a 1/8 in. axle. Black. Does not include motor and gear assembly shown.  Bulk pack of 10. Works with...

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  • KELVIN® Gear Jig

    KELVIN® Gear Jig

    KELVIN®'s revolutionary jig design allows you to design different combinations of gears on each side. On one side, the combination is 4-, 8- or 16-teeth gears. On the other side, the combination is 6-, 12- or 24-teeth gears. This jig is ideal for...

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