• 100:1 Heavy Duty Gearbox & Motor

    100:1 Heavy Duty Gearbox & Motor

    Features 100:1 Gear ratio. Use for robotic activities. 6-12V DC. Shaft is 0.15" dia. x 3/8" L.    *Model/Picture may change depending on availability of stock.

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  • Gear Box, Large

    Gear Box, Large

    Larger gear is easier to mash. Use with solar cell design or battery car models. 6-12V DC. 3mm dia. shaft.

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  • Gear Motor

    Gear Motor

    1:48. Double axis. 3-6V DC. Works with Robot Wheels Set, see 390464. 

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  • Gearbox & Wheel Kit

    Gearbox & Wheel Kit

    Special attachment to fit rectangle end and screw to attach wheel to motor. Includes: aluminum bracket, screws, gearbox, [2] half wheels, tube, screweye, snap rod, acrylic hub and rubber band.

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  • Gearbox, Clunk-Click

    Gearbox, Clunk-Click

    This gearbox system is easy to assemble and take apart. Includes a motor holder and gears. Ideal for transportation projects. Specs: 1-6V DC, 0.1-1.0 A (load dependent). 2mm dia. shaft.

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  • Gearbox, Universal

    Gearbox, Universal

    Ideal for design technology, this gearbox can be expanded by adding gears up to 6 gear ratios. It has metal side plate. Output shaft 4mm. Kit.

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  • KELVIN® Worm Gear Pack of 10

    KELVIN® Worm Gear Pack of 10

    This versatile worm gear can be used for a variety of projects. It features two hole sizes. One side fits a 2mm motor shaft. The other side fits a 1/8 in. axle. Black. Does not include motor and gear assembly shown.  Bulk pack of 10. Works with...

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  • Motor and Gearbox Kit

    Motor and Gearbox Kit

    Eight different transmission ratios, from 5:1 up to 1125:1. Includes RC20 motor (that runs on 1.5-4.5V DC) and instructions. Output shaft is 3mm in diameter.

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