KELVIN® Paper Rocket™ Launcher, Dual

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Save Money - No Rocket Engines Required! The adjustable angle launch pad can launch paper rockets up to 175 ft. using compressed air. Flight is based on fin design and assembly. Launches rockets up to 3/8 in. dia. Includes pre-printed colored paper, launch pad, extension tube attachment, dowel rods and instructions. Requires a portable air compressor (500026 or 500027). Grades 5 and Up.

"We've eliminated the security problem with using rocket engines and the students went wild over the 'target practice' activity. The rockets cost nearly nothing and the students can build several and evaluate the performance of their various designs." - Len Armstrong

"Since the Paper Rocket System requires few materials, students are able to design, experiment and improve performance through repeated trial flights." - Mark Broderich, J.F.K. Middle School, Woburn, MA