KELVIN® Home Electrical Wiring Trainer

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Product Overview

Get valuable experience with home wiring tools and supplies. This comprehensive trainer includes all the supplies needed for students to complete a number of hands-on activities like creating and testing common AC/DC circuits. Subsequent activities challenge students as they wire progressively harder circuits.

The trainer comes with an introductory video and reference books on wiring.

The trainer also includes the following:

  • 30A Load Center
  • 15A Circuit Breaker
  • 15W Fluorescent Lamp
  • Detecto-Lite
  • Transformer
  • Pushbutton Switch
  • [2] Plugs
  • [2] Keyless Receptacles
  • [2 Octagon Boxes
  • [3] Switch Boxes
  • [3] Cover Plates
  • [3] Mini Cleat Receptacles
  • [3] Mini Low Voltage Bulbs
  • 12 ft. of 14/2 Ground Wire
  • 20 ft. of Low Voltage Bell Wire
  • [8] Pan Head Screws
  • [6] Machine Screws
  • [6] Hex Nuts

"The Home Wiring Trainer has worked very well because of the layout of the electrical boxes. I have found this to be a great tool for introducing electricity."-Patrick Klubben, Winner Middle School, SD