KELVIN® Genie Program It™ Activity Board

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The Genie Program It Activity Board is an innovative new product intended to teach programming to a wide range of individuals. Adapted for Project Lead The Way programs! There is no age barrier for this amazing tool. It hides all the complicated parts of a typical programming environment and lets you program a microcontroller by visually describing the logic using popular and well known flowchart symbols.

What you can do

  • Teach / learn programming principles and concepts.
  • Get familiar with basic electronic components and their operation.
  • Produce simple innovative projects that interact with the user.
  • It consists of a small board (PCB) that houses the electronics. There are two LEDs, a switch, a light sensor and a buzzer/speaker. With the help of an amazingly easy to use and beautifully done software and a programming cable (sold separately) you can program the Genie Program It" to blink the two LEDs on a specific sequence, or to respond to the pressing of the switch or to respond to changing light condition or to play a note or a complete tune sequence (there are many preprogrammed tunes to select from or you can create your own).

    See how Simple and Intuitive the Genie Design Studio Software is! Genie Flow Chart Programming - No Coding!

    After you create a program, by using the Genie design studio, you send it, by the click of a mouse, to the Genie Program It" activity board (connected your computer with a USB cable) and it will start running immediately. It will continue running even if you turn the Genie Program It" activity board off, or if you replace the batteries, because it stores the program in internal memory.

    What is included:

  • Genie Program It Activity Board
  • Battery Holder with on/off switch
  • A CD with Genie programming software and a collection of demo programs
  • A Manual with instructions and many simple programs.
  • USB Download Cable
  • See-through Storage Pouch
  • The Genie Program It activity board is the simplest of the Genie family of products. Once you get familiar with it, you can move to other boards with more powerful features. You can control external devices (with relays) of directly connect servo motors and even stepper motors.

    Assembled/Tested with Mounted Acrylic Base. You will need at least one download cable (780080).