KELVIN® Digital Troubleshooting Trainer™

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Product Overview

KELVIN®'s Troubleshooting Trainers™ are ideal for middle school students and up. When working within the field of electronics, students should know how to troubleshoot, evaluate, and repair electronic circuitry. The KELVIN® Troubleshooting Trainers™ are inexpensive and easy to set-up because they require no wiring or soldering.

Using troubleshooting and problem-solving procedures, KELVIN® Troubleshooting Trainers™ show students how to find a problem on a PC board and then fix it. The trainers were developed to make teaching troubleshooting fast, easy, and effective - with actual electronic equipment, hardware, and pre-wired circuits.

According to the experiments, the teacher inserts a problem into the circuit using DIP switches. By following the circuits and measuring the components, students then isolate the trouble and fix it using problem-solving techniques and by resetting the DIP switches. System concept and student manuals developed by Lou Frenzel.

The assembled Digital Troubleshooting Trainer™ includes the following: Pre-Wired Printed Circuit Boards (8-1/2 x 11 in.); Three-Ring Storage Binder; Working Electronic Circuits with DIP Switches; Student Lab Manuals with experiments and tests; and a Teacher's Guide with detailed, documented faults.

12 Problem-Solving Labs Cover:

  • Logic Gates (both TTL/CMOS)
  • Decoders
  • Encoders
  • Basic Flip Flops
  • Binary Comparator
  • Binary Adder
  • Sequential Circuit
  • XOR Gate and Applications
  • Combination Logic Circuits
  • BCD Counters
  • Shift Registers
  • Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
  • Binary Up/Down Counters
  • 7-Segment Display
  • 3-State Bus
  • Static RAM