KELVIN® Classroom Hydroponics System™

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Food in the Desert or Antarctica Project for Your Class (Grades 4-12).

Hydroponics technology makes it possible for people all over the world to have access to fresh crops in controlled environmen ts even if they don't have good soil. Explore these concepts with KELVIN's Classroom Hydroponics System.

Students are responsible for controlling the inputs of light, water and nutrients so that the output is a healthy fresh crop. Students must use problem-solving to determine which conditions are the best for growing the plants.

Contains pallets, bucket, lettuce seeds, plant food and instructions. Does not include workstation table shown. Some assembly required. Grades 4-12.

"I found to my surprise that my students gained instant interest in the area of bio-technology by working with the KELVIN® Classroom Hydroponics System." -Paul Frascatore, P.S. 40, Jersey City, NJ

"In our hydroponics area, the students have started various experiments to see what plants grow best in different amounts of light. Because of the shape of the hydroponics equipment, it is easy to do many plant experiments at the same time. Besides being easy to setup, the students see the advantages of growing soilless plants. We are going to purchase another one so we can have hydroponics all over the room all year." -Terry Thode, Ernest Hemingway Middle School, Ketchum, ID