KELVIN® 1st Breadboard Lab™ Trainer with Spanish Manual

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Introduce beginners to the world of electronics! This easy to use lab trainer lets students build circuits that are far from simple in function. Breadboards originated as a way to lay out and wire electronic circuits. This makes it easy to design, experiment with, and test circuitry without etching and soldering PC boards. Students explore a wide variety of electronic concepts simply by sticking components into the breadboard.

The 1st Breadboard Lab™ Trainer not only contains a small breadboard for students to assemble circuits on, it also includes basic components that most circuits use-right on the board, ready for easy wiring. In addition, an assortment of loose parts are included to build the 30 experiments in the lab manual and to design countless circuits. The completely assembled trainer includes a 6-1/4 x 6-1/2 in. breadboard, all the necessary experiment components and a detailed lab manual. Available in Spanish or English.

"The KELVIN® 1st Breadboard Lab™ works well because most of the parts are fixed to the board which makes it easier for the students to use and less parts are lost or broken." - Patrick Klubben, Winner Middle School, SD