KELVIN® Tower Crane Kit

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The Tower Crane is different from the Creative Crane™ as the power unit and motor are positioned on the boom making for easier construction. In this activity, groups of students are asked to use the Engineering Design Process to design, build and test a tower crane that meets certain specifications. Students' research tower cranes for design input, then break into smaller groups. One group designs the tower while the other designs the boom. The two groups must communicate and cooperate to develop a testable, useable model.

The Tower Crane Kit includes:

  • Gear Set
  • Pulley Set
  • Creative Crane Pulley
  • Motor/Motor Holder
  • Balsa
  • String
  • Wire
  • Wood Base
  • Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Two power supplies, or a dual power supply are needed to operate the crane and swing unit simultaneously.