KELVIN® Totem Pole U-Design Challenge

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6D Design for Sides, Top and Bottom!

KELVIN's Totem Pole Activity is a great learning experience; part of KELVIN's U-Design series, where students design and build the project themselves without any plans.

Students begin by researching totem pole figures and then designing their own totem pole to reflect important events, people or places in their lives.

Every part of a totem pole is significant and has it's own story. Northwest Pacific Coast Natives carved totem poles as records of the past in a culture that had no written language. Through groups of faces, figures and patterns stacked and woven, totem poles can record family members, relationships to other clans, family rights, achievements, stories and adventures.

Students must design all six dimensions (top, bottom and 4 faces) of the totem pole either using grid paper or, for more advanced students, CAD software. After drafting a final design, students transfer it to the wood blank. Using various wood crafting techniques, they carve out their totem pole. The totem pole can be sanded and then considered finished or taken even further by painting it.

Includes DesignGrid Paper and Wood Blank. Plans are not included to encourage student problem-solving skills. Grades 3-8.