KELVIN® The NEXT Maglev Racer™ Two Level Track

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This system is a real attention grabber!

  • NO SIDE RAILS for a great view of the floating maglev vehicle!
  • NO SIDE RAILS that limit the design width of the maglev vehicle.
  • REDUCED FRICTION means better speed
  • VOLTAGE METER included to measure the applied power
  • DESIGN expands the possibilities

The KELVIN® The NEXT Maglev Two Level Track is the next generation in maglev modeling. The new keel design base eliminates the need for side rails on the track. This track design change allows students to easily see the levitating effects of the magnets and increases interest in the activity. The design change also allows for wider body design and eliminates the problem of magnets applied beyond the edge of the vehicle base wedging the vehicle in the guide way. Power can now be easily picked up from the track and the included voltage meter displays the voltage being applied to the track rails. The bumper at the end of the track prevents vehicles from flying off the guide way and getting damaged.

Includes layered lanes Two Level Maglev Track (8 feet long).

Shown with maglev car (sold separately) - use our NEXT Maglev car kits or any of our maglev kits with just slight modifications to the chassis. Also shown with the optional KELVIN® Variable Power Supply (841051) for powered activities. Purchase of additional alligator leads (330009 or 330410) is necessary to run the second level. This versatile track can also be used for traditional experiments using alternate power sources including: gravity and tilt, rubberband and propeller, on-board battery, a sail and blowing fan, pushing by hand or a spring.

Please note this oversized item is shipped by trucker and additional shipping charges of $40 will be added.