KELVIN® Super Capacitor Plane Bulk Pack

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Bulk Pack of 10 Kits
As Low As $13.50 Per Kit

This is the latest technology—power your model dragster, plane or hovercraft using super capacitors! Your students can explore and learn about this new technology that could be used in future vehicles to store energy. And the models you build can be used over and over again. Use a regular or rechargeable battery to charge the super capacitor model for about 20 seconds. Then turn on the switch and off it goes!

  • Explore New Technology!
  • On-Board Capacitor is the Power Source - Save on Batteries!
  • Amaze Your Students!

Students design and build the Styrofoam plane, charge the capacitor, turn on the switch and launch. The wings can be trimmed to affect the flight.

Each kit includes: foam that students cut and shape, motor, super-capacitor, propeller, slide switch, battery holders, and instructions.