KELVIN® STEM Lab: Motors Class Pack

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Unlock the mystery of motors for your students with this KELVIN® S.T.E.M. Lab. Students, in teams of two, will explore hands-on activities including: single magnet motors, electromagnets, reverse engineering DC motors, motor driven air powered carts and more experiments. Students can design their own display board for use in the classroom or a S.T.E.M. fair with the reusable corrugated plastic board included.

The Advanced Team Pack includes [1] Reusable Corrugated Plastic Display Board, [10] Kre8® Motor Kits and BONUS [3] Kre8® Motor Kits. Also included is the Basic Team Pack (842486) includes Reusable Corrugated Plastic Display Board, [5] Monopole Magnet Motor Kits, [5] Two-Magnet Motor Kits, [5] Air Cart Kits, [8] DC Motors, Battery Holders, Magnets, Cardstock Wheels, Wood, Axles, Pliers, Cardstock (pre-cut and scored), Motor Mounts, 50LE Multimeter, Alligator Jumper Cables, Propellers, Copper Wire, Magnet Wire, Solid Wire, Two Compasses, Abrasive Paper, Nails, Rubber Bands, Wood Mounting Blocks and Detailed Instructions.

Requires batteries (AA and D) and assembly with hand tools. Teachers will need to supply glue and hand tools (such as a ruler, scissors, awl, hole punch, utility knife, etc.).