KELVIN® STEM Lab: Mechanisms Team Pack

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Design and model working mechanisms that solve real world engineering problems with this STEM Lab. Change rotary motion into linear and reciprocating movement using linkages, cams, cranks and gear trains.

Five teams, two students each, select three challenges from a list provided in the lab instructions. Enough materials are provided for the teams to build 15 models total.

The Team Pack includes: Reusable Corrugated Plastic Display Board, Printed Grid Paper, Gears, Pulleys, Cams, Cardstock, Kre8® Parts, Plastic Wheels, Fasteners, Cardstock Wheels, String, Dowel Rods, Design Problem Cards, Spray Glue and Instructions.

Requires assembly with hand tools. Teachers will need to supply glue and hand tools (such as a ruler, scissors, awl, hole punch, utility knife, etc.).