KELVIN® STEM Lab: Advanced Motors

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  • Integrate science, technology, engineering and math skills through hands-on activities.
  • Learning by doing, the most effective teaching strategy for addressing Core Curriculum.
  • Detailed instructions for teachers and students including student evaluation.
  • Created for teachers as well as science and technology specialists.
  • Seven to fifteen 45-min. instructional periods depending on grade level and content.
  • Labs includes all the specialty tools and materials you need for multiple activities.
  • Each lab contains enough materials for a class of thirty students working in teams of two.
  • Reusable, as well as replaceable, consumable supplies.

Includes Corrugated Plastic Display Board, [30] Motor Generator Kits, [15] Sturg Motor Kits and [5] KELVIN® 50LE multimeters.

Requires batteries and assembly with hand tools. Teachers will need to supply glue and hand tools (such as a ruler, scissors, awl, hole punch, utility knife, etc.).