KELVIN® Solar Racer I Kit

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Students are given the basic components and have to design a solar-powered car. Cars can be tested outdoors on sunny days or use the power module on overcast days. All kits require soldering and sunlight or a floodlight. Grades 5-12.

This problem-solving kit includes a 1000mA/.45V DC solar cell, DC solar motor, balsawood blank, pulleys, wheels, gears, axles, rubberbands, propeller and DesignGrid sheets.

PLEASE NOTE: KELVIN® reserves the right to substitute kit contents due to stocking availability issues.

"The variety of parts included in the solar car kits provided opportunity for the students to experiment and do some hands-on learning."-Bob Viara, E.O. Smith High School, Storrs, CT
"These solar car kits are an exciting and economical way to introduce solar energy and power. Also, these kits are easy to construct and fun!" -Ned Gilardino, Colorado