KELVIN® Rocketry Lab

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Why do space shuttles start their journeys like a rocket and finish them like a plane? Students will explore physics, science, and aerodynamic principles in relationship to rockets with this lab.

This start-up package features the KELVIN® Paper Rocket Dual Launcher with activities that explore how the shape of a rocket can effect how high it travels. Students make a rocket from 8-1/2 x 11 in. paper. The fin they design determines the distance or, altitude, it will be able to fly.

Kids love to launch rockets; ESTES rockets are fun to build and have been popular for many years. Hands-on activities also include building, launching, an evaluating various ESTES model rockets. Problem-solving is stressed as student's must determine how design makes a rocket better. Grades 7-12. No Computer Required.


  • KELVIN® Paper Rocket System, Dual Launcher
  • ESTES Alpha III Rocket Class Pack for 24 Students
  • ESTES Command Controller
  • [12] ESTES Wizard Rocket Kits
  • ESTES Altitude Finder
  • ESTES PortaPad Launcher
  • ESTES Emergency Repair Kit
  • ESTES Blast Off Flight Pack
  • ESTES Model Rocket Engines
  • Portable Air Compressor
  • Masking Tape
  • Grid Paper
  • [2] Snap Blade Craft Knives
  • [10] Snap Blades
  • [2] Cutting Mats, Self Healing
  • [2] Scissors
  • [12] Rulers
  • [3] Medallions for Technology Excellence
  • [30] Certificates for Technology Excellence