KELVIN® Robotic Battle Ball™ Electronic Control w/Robotic Arm

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Enrich your robotics arm with this full blown hydraulics system! This system includes an assembled power pack controller, a water reservoir, four hand control switch units with forward and reverse buttons, four water pumps, vinyl tubing and instructions. The hydraulics are installed on a sturdy aluminum base. You can control 4 axis's of a robot with hydraulics or 3 axis's and an electromagnetic gripper. Switch controlled or optional computer controlled.

The power pack can supply 6 or 12 VDC. This unit is ideal for use with the Robotic Battle Ball Robotic arm (not included) or any hydraulic robot or arm of your own design. You can also use the power pack controller and the four control switch unis to control electric motors or actuators on a motorized robot.Includes assembled Robotic Arm!