KELVIN® Robotic Battle Ball™ Competition Arena Class Set

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Product Overview

This complete system for conducting all-out robotic arm combat is an economical, one time expense for your school because you can use it with all robotic classes.

The challenge is to design a robotic arm with an electromagnet head that picks up balls with metal screws through them. Robotic arm construction and team work throughout are keys to winning. The first team to move six balls from the central container and put them in their team’s ball return container is the winner.

Class Set Includes:

  • Arena Board: assembled 16 x 47 x 3/4 in. plywood with yellow/blue acrylic top
  • [4] Robotic Battle Ball™ Robotic Arm Kits: enough essential parts for 4 teams (see 841333 for content)
  • Competition parts: ball container, ball return tubes and balls with screws
  • [6] Hand Controllers: assembled on plywood bases (three per team)
  • [2] Switches: for turning on/off the electromagnets (one per team)
  • Instructions and drawings

Requires two 6V lantern batteries (220045-spring or 220012-screw).