KELVIN® RoboTech™ Computer Control

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Product Overview

This robotic interface takes the place of manual hand control switches. We also include RoboTech™ Software which can be used for real-time robot control or you can enter a sequence of robot commands that can be stored and executed.

The software has functions to control each of the four axes. The fourth axis can be programmed for a motor, pump or electro-magnet. There are commands to move each axis forward or reverse, turn an electromagnetic gripper on/off and looping instructions to repeat commands or sequences of commands. There is also a home command to move the robot to a reference position. The interface and software can monitor and respond to 2 limit switches per axis for a total of 8 switches. Eight limit switches are included.

Requires Electronic Control System (#841330) and Assembled Robotic Arm (#841384) or Robotic Arm Kit (#841333).

RoboTech™ Computer Control Includes:

  • USB Computer Interface (Assembled and Tested)
  • USB Cable
  • Compatible with Win '98sp2-XP operating systems
  • Interface to Electric Control System Cable
  • Limit Switches
  • KELVIN® RoboTech™ Software
  • Instructions