KELVIN® ExCITE Premium Robotic Pack w/ Micro:Bit Microprocessor

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KELVIN® is partnering with NSF, ITEEA and ExCITE to introduce students to engineering careers. Students design, construct and experience programming as well as robotics. Ideal project for home or school learning. Premium parts needed for valuable hands-on learning experience with engineering, robotics, computer control and electronics. Programs are written using Snap! to control real-world devices like motorized vehicles, lights, robotics, and mechanical systems.

The premium pack includes: Micro:Bit Microprocessor, Distance Sensor, Rotary Sensor, [3] Light Sensors, [2] Continuos Servo Motors, [2] Standard Servo Motors, Battery Holder w/ Plug, Micro:Bit Expansion, Chassis Kit (platform, [2] Gearboxes, [2] Wheels, Caster, and AA Wired Battery Box), Relay, [2] Collision Detectors, Opto-Coupler, Line Tracking Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Digital Buzzer Sensor, Analog Temp Sensor, [40] Dupont Jumper Cables, and Micro-USB To USB Cable.