KELVIN® Penny Racer™ Lab

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Create a Vehicle that Carries a Minimum of 10 Pennies Down an Inclined Ramp! Teach the basic concepts of physics through design engineering. The KELVIN® Penny Racer™ Gravity Track allows young children to create, build and experiment with vehicle design variables, while learning about forces, gravity, weight, motion, momentum and friction.

Students are asked to create a vehicle that will carry a minimum of ten pennies down an inclined ramp. Students will then gather a variety of vehicle performance data including speed and distance traveled as pennies are added and removed from the vehicle, as well as the effects of changing ramp heights.

Lab includes: [20] Car Kits (each car kit includes foam block, wood chassis, wheels, axles and instructions), Gravity Track, Foam Cutter, Hack Saw Cutter, and Cool Melt Glue Gun.