KELVIN® Penny Racer™ Lab

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Create a Vehicle that Carries a Minimum of 10 Pennies Down an Inclined Ramp!

Teach the basic concepts of physics through design engineering. The KELVIN® Penny Racer™ Gravity Track allows young children to create, build and experiment with vehicle design variables, while learning about forces, gravity, weight, motion, momentum and friction.

Students are asked to create a vehicle that will carry a minimum of ten pennies down an inclined ramp. Students will then gather a variety of vehicle performance data including speed and distance traveled as pennies are added and removed from the vehicle, as well as the effects of changing ramp heights.

Lab includes: [20] Car Kits (each car kit includes foam block, wood chassis, wheels, axles and instructions), Gravity Track, Foam Cutter, Hack Saw Cutter, and Cool Melt Glue Gun.

Additional Kit Versions and Track available below.