KELVIN® Shipping Container House, 10 in. = 20 ft. Model Scale

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This unique kit helps young people explore the alternative housing movement. Like the KELVIN® Tiny House Kit (842551), the KELVIN® Off The Grid: Shipping Container House Kit focuses on the architectural and construction concepts involved in converting shipping containers into small energy efficient homes.

Using a 1/2 in. = 1 ft. 0 in. scale, students will design the interior floorplan and exterior features for a 160 square foot shipping container home. The model will be made from precut and scored chipboard.

Templates are provided for windows and doors to position according to your design. Students can cut out the windows and doors as they wish for their design. Also provided are siding images along with furniture 3D templates and interior wall materials. In addition, a pre-printed roof and siding design template is included. It will need to be assembled by the student using glue or tape (not included). They can then decorate their house design as they like.

Shown with optional add-on Solar Electric System Kit (842557). Hot Water Heater Kit also available (842556).