KELVIN® Parabolic Solar Collector

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Challenge students to design and construct an efficient parabolic solar collector.

The solar collector will be exposed to a heat source (sun or heat lamp) for a specific amount of time. Temperature sensors will monitor temperature changes along a focal point bar and the reflective surface.

Students actually perform the mathematical layout of a parabola. That parabola will be engineered into a mirrored surface and placed in a special testing device.

The software will monitor and display the last recorded temperature and the maximum temperatures at points along the mirrored surface and at the focal points of the parabola. Students can monitor the effectiveness of their collector over a specific period of time.


  • Data Acquisition Interface with USB Port
  • USB Computer Cable
  • Parabolic Solar Collector Challenge Software (Windows)
  • Mirrored Acrylic Collector Surface
  • Active Parabolic Solar Collector Test Device
  • [2] Temperature Sensors with 10 ft. Cable Assembly
  • Teacher Manual
  • Student Worksheets
  • Workstation Sign

Recommended for Grades 6-10. NOTE: Computer Required. Windows.