KELVIN® Active Solar Collector Lab

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Design and Construct an Active Solar Collector

This activity will challenge students to design and construct an efficient active solar collector system. The collector will be exposed to a heat/light source (sun or heat lamp) for a specific period of time. Sensors placed in a storage container near the collector will monitor the temperature changes. The goal is to reach the highest possible temperature in the solar storage tank during a specific period of time.

The software will monitor and display the temperatures for the ambient (air) temperature as well as the collected temperature. The maximum temperature will be displayed as a real number on the computer screen.

Students will clearly see how effective their collector performs over a specific period of time.

Lab includes:

  • Laptop with pre-Loaded Active Solar Collector Challenge Software (Windows)
  • Data Acquisition Interface with USB Port
  • USB Computer Cable
  • [2] Temperature Sensors with a 10 ft. Cable Assembly
  • Test Device
  • [1] Absorber Collector Plate (blank plate)
  • 15 ft. Vinyl Tubing (material for one collector plate)
  • Air Pump
  • Storage Container
  • Teacher Manual
  • Student Worksheets
  • Workstation Sign

Recommended for Grades 6-10. Windows, USB.