KELVIN® Multi-Lane Timer

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This easy to operate timer is ideal for competition and timing from 1 lane to 6 lanes (with two optional add-on 2-Line Displays).

The bright LED displays are large enough for the whole class to view.

The timer starts working when the lever release the cars. All the lanes are instantly timed beginning when the lever hits a momentary switch.

When cars pass the sensors at the end of the ramp they stop the counter and the winning lane is displayed on top and the rest in winning order. The lane number is shown on the left side and the time it took is shown on the right hand side.

Comes with Multi-Lane Controller (for up to 6 lanes), one 2-Lane Display (additional 2-line displays optional., 841394), Power Supply and 50 ft. long Cables. The System also comes with mounting for the display.

NOTE: Shown with two addtional 2-line displays (not included) for timing up to 6 lanes.