KELVIN® Lift-Push Styro Hovercraft Bulk Pack

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Bulk Pack of 25 - As Low As $5.95 Per Kit!

Race Across the Hallway Hovercraft Challenge

KELVIN's Hovercraft Design Challenge is a construction project that demonstrate lift. Students are encourage to construct a hovercraft from the kit contents which include: a foam tray, propeller, motor, 9V battery snap, wire, straw, mini slide switch, craft sticks and clips. You can use the clips to connect the hovercraft to the KELVIN® PowerPole™ and save money on batteries. This project requires designing, soldering, assembly and evaluation skills. Requires 9V battery or PowerPole™. Grades 6 and up.

HELPFUL TIP: Tiled hallways are best; thick carpeting will impede the Hovercraft's performance.