KELVIN® Kre8® Maker STEM Kit

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Product Overview

Build structural, mechanical and mathematical models. Enough parts are supplied to make models shown individually except for the Kre8® - air powered vehicle which also needs the Kre8® Air powered upgrade pack.

This kit is supplied with 156 parts including:

• [93] Kre8® Maker connectors (red sheet and green sheet)

• [30] Kre8® Blue Tubes (200mm x 5mm dia. – cut as needed)

• [8] Kre8® Grey Collars • [16] Kre8® Blue Collars • [2] Kre8® Grey Tubes

• [2] Metal bearings • Spacer Tube • [2] Rubber Bands • Adhesive putty

To extend the range of activities you can purchase a Kre8® Maker Maths kit below. Kre8® kits can be assembled in regular classrooms. Kits may require hand tools and adult supervision. Kre8® is a registered trademark of KELVIN L.P. Patent pending. Educational Pricing.

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