KELVIN® Kre8® Forklift Kit

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A working simplified fork lift truck that is fun on its own but is also good for competitions. Control its motion using the Kre8 manual controller (supplied) - Move forward to collect and lift your load and return and drop your load as fast as possible.

Students can learn about energy (potential, stored, kinetic) linear to rotary motion, 'centre of gravity', balance, friction, measuring, reducing friction, obtaining grip, mass and speed. Control using switches, wiring up motors, ratios using pulleys. Recomended for ages 10 and older.

Powered by one motor to move the load up and down and a second motor to move the truck forwards and backwards. 18 inches high.

Includes [3] assembled controllers with cables. ‘AA’ battery required.

NOTES: Kre8® Kits can be assembled in regular classrooms. Snips or the Kre8® Cutter is required to cut card and light blue tubes.